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Frequently Asked Questions: 

*** Note - Pictures on this website are for illustration purpose only. Product may vary slightly.

Why Would I choose Halal Mart over other halal meat shops?
Halal Mart provides the convenience of online order, fresh good quality meat and home delivery through trusted payment gateway for busy families.
Is Halal mart products halal certified?
Yes, All our products are sourced from halal certified suppliers, for any specific product please email us at

Where is Halal Mart located/ what is the address for ?
Halal mart is Sydney based online only meat shop. It is owned and operated by Australian families and certified by approved Australian Halal Authority.
Are the products sold in Halal Mart Australian?
We only sell Australian halal beef, chicken, lamb & goat from Australian suppliers.
What happens if I purchase a product (chicken breast fillet, lamb shank, lam/goat leg/shoulders etc) where the weight can't be measured specific like 1 kg or 2 kg?
An exact amount may not be guaranteed all the time due to original cuts vary in weights. We will find the piece/cuts closest to your order and refund if the weight is less than your exact order.

What happens if I have used incorrect email/ home address for Delivery?
Please give us a call to rectify email address.

Where do you deliver?
We deliver in all Sydney suburbs. We may deliver in Central Coast, New Castle, Wollongong area if there are bulk orders.
How long it takes to receive delivery after I have ordered?
It takes 1-4 days to receive your delivery. 

Do I receive fresh/frozen meat delivered ?
Not Frozen, Our stocks are freshly cut and delivered on the day of delivery. Few products (duck, rooster etc) will come as frozen but that's written in the description.
How do I cancel Order or change order?
If you want to change your order or cancel partial/ full order , please email us 48 hours before the delivery date mentioned in the order confirmation email.