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Goat is a favourite across the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Asia. Considered the closest relative to lamb on menus, its distinct flavour and texture respond to similar cooking techniques and herbs and spices.

Goat is our biggest seller and is best prepared diced and slow-cooked in curries or marinated and grilled to a pink succulent medium-rare. Our goat is locally sourced and halal certified, it's favourite for families with backgrounds originating from far and wide.

Goat Curry Pieces 1 kg


Goat Curry Pieces 3 kg

$58.99 $59.97

Goat Curry Pieces 5 kg

$94.99 $99.95

Diced Boneless Goat 1 kg


Goat Mince 1 Kg


Goat Cutlets 1 kg

$39.99 $44.99

Goat Ribs 1 kg


Goat Shoulder ($22.99/kg)


Whole Goat ($22.99/kg)


Goat Leg ($22.99/kg)


Goat Loin Chops 1 kg


Goat Leg Chops 1 kg


Goat for Aqiqah


Marinated Goat Chop 1 kg


Baby Goat Meat

$229.99 $251.99

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